Change to Shoot Calendar

Please note the the shoot calendar has changed to a hard copy now.

Note regarding Sunday 28th May 2017.

Hi everyone,

Just to remind everyone that Sunday the 28th will be an all day CLAS shoot in preparation for the state titles at Fraser Coast SSAA to be held over the 9/10/11 of June.I don’t have all the mail addresses for a lot of our lever action shooters so please pass this on to any you might have.Thank you, cheers Les.

Members please note that the 27th May 2017 is free to be used as a local event should a disciple like to claim the morning or afternoon time slot please let us know as it must be recorded as club nominated event to enable sign offs.

Notice to Members

Hello Members, just a reminder we have a few things coming up as the first for the year.

Saturday 18/2/17 Safety Course commencing 9.00am sharp.

Saturday 18/2/17 Working bee, we plan to fix up stands, continue with line marking, cover the old white board with chalk, poison weeds and clean up range. Anyone with a battery drill and some screws for targets, paint brush and sand paper for board, rake for shotgun wads. All welcome.

Sunday 19/2/17 after Target Pistol 11.30am, General meeting, if you want to have a say how your club is run this is the forum, we will be finalising the shoot calendar, addressing concerns from last meeting held in November. Where are we up to with the plastic and 100mt mound, the likely hood and layout of a silhouette range. Correspondence in/out, treasurers report and any item you as a member see fit to raise. These meeting are for the good of the club so please be there.

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